The Insecurity Factor

Don’t be offended by the insecurities of others. The spiritual battles we go through rise to the surface and are shown through our physical actions. If a friend (or other) comes at you sideways, take a breath, review what was said, say a prayer, and filter your response through God’s word before you react. If you speak promptly the things that you are still battling will come through and a new offense could arise. If you are too upset to respond, remove yourself from the moment, spend time with God in prayer, and also fast. After this, approach the person in love with a well-prepared response that proceeds a dialogue. This conversation will need patience. Your feelings cannot be on your shoulder. Prayer during the conversation may also be needed and if you don’t think so it is still always beneficial. Now, if you are not able to approach this person after, simply continue to take it to God until direction and peace have been given to you.

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