Procrastination kills dreams and hope

Move as unto God without delay or hesitation. When God gives vision, WE NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN, PRAY FOR DIRECTION & ALIGNMENT, THEN COMMENCE BRINGING THE VISION TO LIFE. Using every resource we were given and directed to contact by God. WHEN HE Gives AN IDEA TO US, WE NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN ANd then SEEK Him FOR THE VISION HE WANTS TO DEVELOP THe IDEA INTO.

“If faith is the substance of things hoped for… and faith without works is dead, wouldn’t hope also be nonexistent?” (Hebrews 11:1, James 2:26)

Yep! So be sure to push past how you feel or what you are busy doing and move forward…

Without Delay or Hesitation!

The irony of this post is that I wrote it in January and never posted it. This is why I’ve decided to post this with minimal formatting edits. I’d hope you would push yourself to do better than I’ve done. I sure will push myself and pray for a consistent mindset. Procrastinating is not a habit a I want to keep in my arsenal of things I do well.

4 responses to “Procrastination kills dreams and hope”

  1. Thank you for the positive encouragement. Procrastination is a very dark word for me because I used to do it so much that I felt stagnant in my relationship with Christ. I couldn’t get things done, God would choose me for the blessing but since I would procrastinate so much God decided to use someone else.


    Imagine giving someone else some money you saved up for a while now. That’s how I felt! As if I saved a million bucks and had to hand it over to someone else who needed it more than I did. That was 2017 so about 5 years ago I would say God has been working on me because that’s when I stopped doing things on my own and decided to allow God to really work on my work ethic, punctuality, etc.

    Lastly, running a business has ultimately taught me how to rebuke procrastination! As a business owner, Procrastination could really affect the success of your business. Stay prayed up! Ask God to reveal areas to you that does not reflect him & he will begin pruning you to bear good fruit your life. I love what he is doing with me. The woman that he is molding me into is so strong & powerful. He is also teaching me patience in my new role as a mother. Ask & you shall receive minus procrastination! (Ask + Receive – Procrastination = The Blessed Life)

    Love you thank you for reading my comment!

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    1. Thank you for your input! I’m glad God’s been directing you and that you are aware of your growth. I don’t think God gives the things he has fork you away. I think as long as you are alive that which God has given to you can still be given out by you. The idea is still there. It’s up to us to walk it out. I have had some ideas I’ve been pushing to the side and I really do want to activate at some point before I leave from this earth. If at minimum I am able to share it with someone to do that would be great but I believe if God have the idea to you it’s quite possibly for you to enact.


  2. Marivano Lister Avatar
    Marivano Lister

    The message was very powerful and helpful. I love the idea behind it and the useful tips that were noted on the blog post of ways to stay proactive.

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